Who we are

Farsi Prossimo ODV is a voluntary organization founded in Faenza in 1991 and promoted by Caritas of the Diocese of Faenza-Modigliana that pursues civic, solidarity and social utility purposes with projects, actions and initiatives in favor of people in situations of fragility.

The activities it manages:

• reception of people in need;
• socio-working placement;
• social economy projects (Terra Condivisa and Dress Again);
• training and promotion to deal with different types of social problems.

The activities that supports:

• diocesan listening and first reception center;
• education and active citizenship office with the diocesan Caritas.

Farsi Prossimo ODV manages various actions to promote social cohesion in cooperation with local and national authorities and territorial associations. The organization is managed by an internal team made up of professionals and a large number of volunteers, also by activating civil service projects.

Over the past 10 years, our actions have focused on social issues such as migration, active citizenship and the social economy to promote inclusion.

Our offices


President:  Stefano Guerrini


Partnerships and project area


Education and active citizenship